How our initiative serves as an effective strategy for cervical cancer prevention / elimination

Every society upholds the culture and norms that define it even in terms of disease intervention. To ensure an effective intervention at societal/community levels, the cultural heritage of the people must be respected and intervention seen and understood with ‘cultural eyes’ and in a common language. Anything contrary to this is seen as foreign and infiltration of their precious heritage which will be resisted. Ghana is a culturally diverse country. Sex or anything that has to do with the reproductive part is greatly frowned upon. Healthier and Happier life foundation with the use of drama seeks to break cultural, language, educational, socioeconomic, myths and misconceptions, parental autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence barriers to cervical cancer and cancer as a whole and to introduce preventive mechanisms in the hopes of making Ghana a cervical cancer-free nation just as in Australia. The initiative advocates for preventive measures, screening and HPV vaccinations and additionally, elaborate it economic, physical and psychological benefits. It has been identified that a key strategy for intervention in the prevention of cervical cancer is community education and participation (WHO, 2016). This is what we seek to achieve: to educate, create awareness of risk factors, routes of transmission, symptoms, prevention strategies, screening and HPV vaccination through drama (live performance). Using different languages and cultural norms within the 216 administrative districts of Ghana. This project responds to a real need in Ghana as cervical cancer is on the ascendancy and the health and quality of life of the Ghanaian women is under threat.