Who we are

Healthier & Happier Life Foundation (HHLF) is a registered not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting preventive medicine, advocating for quality healthcare and equity in access to good health. HHLF believes that by bringing health to the people through innovative strategies and building individual, community and organizational/institutional capacities as well as building robust health systems will not only prevent death but reduce economic, physical, social and psychological burdens that come with ill health and thereby improving quality of life. Our strategies include the infusion of arts into science by using theatre for development (drama, community participatory programs, peer educator programs, educational programs), audiovisuals, prints and online media, television, radio and many other innovative strategies in order to introduce health to the people (increasing health literacy), advocate for health and helping in breaking cultural, language, educational and socioeconomic barriers to healthy living.

HHLF is composed of experts from a wide range of backgrounds with great wealth of ideas, wisdom, insights and experience to the success of its mission. Since our inception in 2016, HHLF has committed to its promise to help Africans understand and prevent diseases by connecting them based on their norms, traditions and social values. The harsh reality of many especially teenagers is been faced with the decision to make a choice.  Several choices are made everyday yet many are unable to see through the dark film the consequences of their decision today on their tomorrow. We advocate for a world where individual choices on health are wisely made, a world where we serve as the voice of the patients, the voiceless, and the health system, because we know that health is the greatest wealth an individual can have. Our strategic priorities therefore include health promotion/education, public health advocacy, capacity building, patients’ advocacy, health systems advocacy and humanitarian services. Our core mandate to fulfilling this promise has made us one of the most promising advocacy groups in Ghana. HHLF has had many successful advocacies as well as awareness creations/health educational programs across different areas of health, both in the rural and urban settings. For instance, HHLF is currently carrying out a nationwide advocacy and awareness creation on cervical, liver, breast and prostate cancer which have been major health threat and leading cancer deaths in Ghana with major partners including Members of Parliament (MPs). 

The Foundation also seeks to empower patients especially cancer patients in order to help improve their quality of life and survival. The Foundation therefore organized the first ever patient empowerment conference in Ghana to mark the 2020 World Cancer Day. This we did by sharing patient stories and by exposing cancer myths as well as sharing knowledge on cancer to help save and/or help improve the quality of life and the overall survival of the current cohort of cancer patients in Ghana. As a result of the prevalence of alcohol abuse among under-age children and the urgent need to help break this culture, the Foundation in collaboration with Health and Work Environment Agency (HAWEA) is as well carrying out a project with the aim of preventing under-age drinking in high schools through drama and workshops in Ghana.

The Foundation has partnered many organizations and individuals including policy makers, government, non-governmental organizations (local and foreign), clinicians and patient advocates to create awareness, advocate for policy and build individual and organizational capacities in Ghana. We have a dedicated team of actors who have series of experience in the area of Theatre for Development / Education thus, we can confidently say that we are the most fit advocacy and performing group to have successful implementation of any project within our domain. Healthier and Happier life foundation believes in effective communication. We believe that effective communication is equal to solving half a problem and this is something we pride ourselves to do best with the use of drama.