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Healthier & Happier Life Foundation’s Strategic Priorities

The strategic plan is structured around eight priority areas based on Healthier & Happier Life Foundation’s 2017 – 2022 Strategy, agreed upon health priorities and anticipated needs over the next years. Five strategic directions are related to delivering health outcomes, the sixth addresses humanitarian services, seventh addresses research and innovation and the eight outlines organizational structuring required to enable Healthier &Happier Life Foundation to implement its health priorities.

Many of the health activities flowing from these strategic directions already exist within HHLF’s current programs. Combined effects of theatre for development/education (drama, community participatory programs, peer educator programs, educational programs), audiovisuals, prints and online media, television, radio and many other innovative strategies in order to introduce health to the people (increasing health literacy), advocate for health and helping in breaking cultural, language, educational and socioeconomic barriers to healthy living will be used for the success of these strategies.

The Eight Strategic Priorities

  1. Health promotion/Education
  2. Public health advocacy
  3. Capacity Building
  4. Patients advocacy
  5. Health systems advocacy
  6. Humanitarian services
  7. Research and Innovation
  8. Healthier &Happier Life Foundation organizational structuring

Note: Capacity Building, Research, and innovation are overreaching and crosscutting in the Strategic Priorities. 

Financial Information

Healthier and Happier Life Foundation is committed to financial efficiency and accountability and works very hard to maximize the value of every money we receive.

We encourage you to investigate before you donate.

Become a partner

As a dynamic partnership organization, we welcome a diverse set of stakeholders to take on some of the most pressing health challenges affecting our various countries of Africa. Together, we can decrease mortality from preventable disease, improve quality of life and strengthen health systems. We therefore invite corporate partners, entertainment partners, and individuals to join hands against the rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases, the persisting communicable diseases and the poor health systems.