Behavioral risks to Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection

By Dominic D. Gadeka

We need to be resolute and absolutely focused on winning this Corona virus (COVID-19) war as individuals. Misinformation and fear remain our greatest challenge and definitely our greatest enemies at this point in time. These continue to negatively affect the simple, easy and best ways to handle the situation. A few are outline below
1. Restaurants, hotels, bars and food vendors whose employees continue to use gloves in their services must desist from this practice. It is unhygienic and increases the employees and the customers risks of the infection. These gloves are used in handling monies that have passed through many hands, in handling doors that many hands have held, many even touch their faces or hairs with these gloves before using them to serve customers. Remember wearing of gloves is not part of the simple protocol by WHO or MOH you are supposed to follow
2. Drivers (taxi, Uber, bolt etc) who continue to use gloves are putting not only themselves but all of us at risk. We urge them to stop this practice. The same glove is used to collect money which comes from many sources and give change to many customers, this same gloves are used to open car doors and do so many other things. Please let’s stop
3. Wearing of face masks puts the individual at higher risk of getting the virus . You are only supposed to wear mask when you have the virus or when you are attending to someone who is infected. There is a way you wear and remove the mask. Inappropriate and over-usage put you at greater risk
4. Drinking of alcohol cannot prevent the virus nor protect you, it only put you at a higher risk
So we humbly ask the general public to desist from these acts to stop the spread so together we win this war. Let’s please adhere to the guidelines by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health. Stay calm.

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